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wellness like no other

Gracies Wellness is an affiliate of Gracies Beauty Clinic and offers personalized service to a client in the comfort of their own space at their convenience.

Gracies Wellness encourages everyone to reward their bodies with wellness treatments.For you to be able to go about your day , you need your body to be at its best.

What makes us different?

We start early and knock off late, like 11pm late! Your wellness is our priority.


You should never be forced to choose your breakfast meeting, nursing your baby or a night out with the ‘boys’ over a treatment. That is why we go above and beyond to suit your needs.

When your body is at its best, you not only look great, but feel great. I will go on a limb and say unstoppable.Surely we can agree, wellness is power.

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we aim to please

Gracies lifestyle massages



90 minutes full body Swedish/Deep tissue four hand massage R1200

60 minutes full body Swedish /Deep tissue four hand massage R1000


90 minutes full body two hand Swedish/Deep tissue massage R850

60 minutes full body two hand Swedish/Deep tissue massage R800

COUPLES MASSAGE by two female therapists or male and female masseur

Gracies Couples massage for 60 minutes R1000

Gracies Couples massage for 90 minutes R1200


Subject to location 


Many companies are coming to the realization that team spirit, work morale and healthcare are now achievable in one package which cannot be overlooked.

We offer such treatments for golf or polo days, work retreats, wellness days,conferences, office parties, etc.

We also cater to large groups of people in general e.g bachelor/ bachelorette parties, pamper parties etc



Contact for bookings any of our therapists directly

  • Rachael   079 976 6912
  • Rose 067 020 6592
  • Lorraine  063 441 8502
  • Kaitlyn 065 902 0598

For wellnesss events, partnerships or sponsorships

011 875 2131